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St. Paul, MN

“I am a professional copywriter and technical writer specializing in health, science, and technology. I hold a Master’s degree in Neuroscience from King’s College London and bring an inquisitive, analytic approach to everything I do. I’m reliable, motivated, and focused on growing a career in which I bring my communication skills to work every day. Thanks for visiting.”

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Last Updated:
January 2017


“We hired Elaine to write content for us a year ago and we’re really glad we did! Elaine has proven herself to be a versatile writer and though she specializes in health and science-related topics, there hasn’t been a subject matter we’ve thrown at her that she wasn’t able to tackle. She writes with ease and expertise on subjects ranging from travel and cars to fashion and interior design. Throughout the course of our working relationship, Elaine has been reliable and resourceful. We’ve never had an issue with her quality of her work and she’s consistently turned assignments in on time. Reliable writers with an eye for detail are hard to come by!”

– Reannon Muth
ADvise Media Group

“Elaine is a phenomenal writer and very dedicated to quality work. She is a consummate professional who completes work on time and is a joy to work with. I recommend Elaine as an excellent writer and a great co-worker.”

– Kellen Kautzman
Send It Rising Internet Marketing

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Technical Writing

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